Below is an extract from a post on our WeChat, a letter from 張黎敏 to 吳沐田

Dear Martin,
I offer my compliments on your articles about our late classmates. Your articles, which I have read repeatedly, have vividly depicted our late classmates' lives. It is if they are still among the living. I would encourage you, on behalf of all of us who have read your articles, to continue writing more such wonderful, memorable articles, about our late classmates, but rather, about our living ones as well. Your fascinating work has made visiting the webpage a worthwhile experience. Reading your articles about our late classmates has had a great impact on me. I am deeply moved by everyone of your articles. Your memoirs have stirred my memory of those long-ago years when we were sitting in the same classroom, joining in on class activities. Most of the time, I am overwhelmed by those touching memories. They have made me more resolute in maintaining solid connections with our former classmates. Martin, every written line of your memoirs about our late classmates has meaning. Your great work not only refreshes our memories but also unites us as a group, and furthermore, invigorates our webpage.

An Open Letter to Annie on WeChat

Dear Annie, sorry for our delay in offering you our sincere compliments.You should have been given mention as our top priority. That is because you are a very special person on our platform. You are the lone shinning star,an admirable Queen, and highly respected by all of us.You have actively participated in chats on our platform. This has elevated the boys'spirits and enthusiasm. Your enthusiastic daily chats on the platform have helped build a concrete Foundation for it.The platform is there to stay and would never topple. Your whole-hearted participation is a great asset for us.We greatly appreciate the contribution of your precious time spent on our platform. We sincerely hope that you will continue to participate. It would strengthen the platform.It is worth mentioning that you have shown great courage by your active participation.

Thank you again, Annie












Extract from a post on WeChat, 張黎敏 Welcoming 黄妙娟

on April 30, 2016
As everyone has noticed, we now have added a new member to our group. A long-awaited, new participant, Katy Wong Tam(黄妙娟),has recently joined us. This has prompted me to eagerly write this piece to express my joy in having our old friend come onboard. I am sure that  all of you also feel  the same. It was such a wonderful moment when Katy's first words appeared. l think it is also a boost for Annie Young, because it is now she is no longer the only girl. Annie now has a female companion. I am sure(that) the two girls share similar feminine points of view that are different from us boys. For many reasons, we should thank Katy for balancing our team by her appearance. It is long overdue. Our team needs more hustle and bustle. By joining us,Katy has provided us with an infusion of new blood.I truly believe(that) Katy will  do as much for us as Annie has been doing all along. Finally, I want to express my sincere thanks, and a big welcome to Katy!