A correspondance from Kuet to all classmates

我是 闕詩元。如果你記不起我的名字,請上網頁 newmethodhighschool.com 查訽,我與陳冠雄和張黎敏創建了這個網頁. 網頁上詳列了所有畢業同學的名字。我們也張貼了我們的畢業全體照片,個別集体活動照片和一些有關畢業後同學的訊息。
我們大部份同學可能己經沒有互通訊息近 五十 年了。我們希望這不是成了我們不應該再一次見面的原因。相反地,我們認為這是個黃金機會讓我們重新進行亙相交流,通訊和見面的主要原因。我們有一些重要訊息在網頁上。請閱讀我們網頁,並提供你的保貴意見。覽閱該網頁純粹是你個人的意願。
過去由於種種因素而失去聯繫的同學們, 我們有些人仍可能在積極工作,而另一些,雖然退休了,也忙於他們的家庭責任。 我們的目標是試圖給大家一個機會重新建立過去的友誼。


Dear_______________ graduates of 1967 New Method High School (Chinese Division ,Kowloon),
I am Kuet, See-yuen. If you do not remember my name, please go to newmethodhighschool.com and visit the webpage that Chan, Koon-hung, Chang, Lee-ming and I have created to refresh your memories. On the webpage, we have listed all our classmates' names. We have also posted our official graduation pictures, pictures of past activities and news of our classmates after graduation.
Most of us have not been in contact for almost 50 years. We hope that this is not the reason why you should not want to meet each other again. Contrary to what you might think, we believe that it would be a golden opportunity for us to reconnect with each other again. There is useful information on the webpage. Please read the webpage and give us feedback. Visiting the webpage is your personal choice.
Our goal is in an attempt to give everyone a chance to re-connect with someone with whom you have lost contact due to various reasons. Some of us may still be active in work force while others, though retired, are still busy with their families.
A reunion can be fun and interesting, but only you participate. We have lot of stories to share.
If you do not have access to computer, provide a correct mailing address, or, other means of getting touch with you. You can also contact Dr. Edmond Ho at_________ if you have further questions.

A letter cc to Jonathan Chan

We nominated Dr. Ho (何巽權) be the chairman for this event and he accepted this responsibility.

We also tentatively decided November 2017 for this events, So, it gives ample time for everyone to plan and prepare according to their schedule and availability.

Can you please contact 黃炒娟and 李在作 and forward our invitation of them? Do they mind be contacted directly by Dr. Ho?

We are focusing in contacting and connecting as many old friends as we can in 2016 and it requires efforts from everyone. Your assistance is highly appreciated.

As the same time, we also need various suggestions to make the gathering more meaning. So Far, we have suggestion of cruise trip from HK. It is more feasible for us as we all have reached senior stage and some of us may have some physical limitation and mobility. It is more economically as well as giving us ample time to chat, re-establish and re-engaged our previous relationship and build up a more acquainted relationship in the future. Another suggestion is having a train trip to China together.

I also think we need three events: First is having a gathering in restaurant, second is one or two weeks travelling trip and third is a day trip in Hong Kong. Schoolmates can attend all of the three events will be great, If they are not available for travelling trip, they can at least have a selection of the first and third. 50 years is a long time, we shall have unlimited stories to share with each others.

Jonathan (陳冠雄) set up  a platform in WeChat, He is welcoming everyone to join.

I cc this message to Jonathan and Edmond as Jonathan is the one who initiate this event and Edmond is the one who is going to lead this event.

I am visiting my mother in Seattle this summer. I may take that opportunity to visit all of my friends in west coach. Am I expecting some other schoolmates there?

Keep in touch and have a Happy Lunar New Year!

See-yuen Kuet